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HOT watch will be launched in the first quarter of 2014. It is a smart watch that works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. This feature-rich device will put all your critical apps on your wrist where they are easily accessible. HOT will have a touch screen with a very user-friendly interface. This sharp-looking watch will take out the need for you to handle your phone for small tasks, such as Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and even making and receiving calls. HOT Watch uses patented Hands On Talk technology to convert your palm into a phone.

You can also use your HOT watch to monitor your activity throughout the day or while you are out running. Patent for this smart watch was filed in 2010 and was granted in August 2013 and has been in development since then. After over 30 Months in development, it is ready for launch and will reshape the smart watch industry.

HOT watch also has gesture support built in so you don't even have to tap on the screen if you do not want to, simply move your hand for accepting or rejecting a call. Even unlocking the screen or putting a call on mute can be done by hand gestures. For more information visit

Patent Number: 8515505

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