Power USB

The four-outlet power strip is designed with end users in mind for Automation, Power Saving and Remote Computer Monitoring. The three of the four outlets are user-controlled through the software. In addition to conserving power ... 

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iCount is another patented Technology by PHTL. iCount provides a cost effective and novel approach of audience verification through application of Machine Vision - computers that can see. iCount technology is primarily used in ... 

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HOT Watch

HOT watch will be launched in the First quarter of 2014. It is a smart watch that works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. This feature-rich device will put all your critical apps on your wrist where they are easily accessible. HOT will have a touch screen with a very ... 

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Dynamic Glare

Dynamic Glare block technology patent was approved in 2010. "Selective system for blocking glare in a specific location of a user's field of vision." - Patent number 7,651,220 ...


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